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DANAPER Three-point Silent Sling DANAPER Black

RM 159.00

DANAPER Silent tactical three-point belt provides different ways of gun carrying. In stowed position it`s possible to place it as on the chest and behind the back that helps the owner to free his hands. It`s acceptable to fasten the belt on the back in “biathlon way”. In addition to all advantages the DANAPER Silent tactical belt has a special virtue – it is brought into firing position quietly. The Spanish clasp provides to transfer the belt from the stowed position into firing quietly. The DANAPER Silent belt was approved in combat conditions and showed its efficiency.  It is equipped with quick reset system and includes damper-pads to reduce fatigue of the owner. Supplied with 25x38 mm straps adapters that expands the range of usage of the tactical belt. It can be interesting for Special Forces soldiers and secret service agents as well as for hunters and shooters in sport.

Nylon 100 % (Polyamide) ribbon
Fabric Nylon 1000D Cordura  

POM (acetal resin) YKK accessories