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EARMOR C52 Bluetooth

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EARMOR C52 Bluetooth

The EARMOR C52 Bluetooth® Hearing Protection Headset provides hearing protection in noisy environments whilst allowing you to seamlessly stream music via Bluetooth 5.3 , listen to FM radio & make and take phone calls. 


  • Ambient sound pickup and noise-cancellation technologies, ensuring clear audio reception in noisy environments. 
  • FM radio, provides broadcast entertainment at any time, whether during breaks or in daily work routines.
  • Equipped with a long lasting 48-hour lithium battery and a convenient TYPE-C charging port, the C52 is designed for prolonged and stable use.
  • The C52 offers three modes for users to choose from:
    • Ambient listening Mode: In this mode, the headphones reduce hazardous noise in the user’s surroundings while capturing and relaying important sounds like human voices, alarm signals, and horn honking to the user. This ensures the user’s hearing health and communication ability in high-noise environments.
    • Bluetooth® Mode: Users can connect the C52 to devices with Bluetooth® audio transmission capabilities (such as mobile phones, TVs, tablets, audio players, video game consoles, etc.), enabling functions like music listening, voice calls, and using voice assistants. (*In Bluetooth® mode, the Ambient listening Mode is still effective.)
    • FM Radio Mode: Users can use the C52 to listen to FM radio broadcasts. An automatic tuning feature easily locates FM channels in the user’s area, and up to five channels can be saved as favorites. (*In FM mode, the Ambient listening Mode is still effective.)
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