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[READY STOCK] FMA Caiman Ballistic Helmet With New Liner Gear Adjustment

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Manufacturer: FMA

Weight: 1050 g

Size: M/L for helmets in 61cm (adjustable)

Helmet thickness: 6mm

Available Colours: Red (RED) and Black (BK)

Product Features: 

1. The cuttlefish is Wilcox L4 aviation aluminum CNC core frame, which is more firm and advanced

2. The outer side of the helmet is specially equipped with the guide base of Loverson helmet system, which is loaded with new guide, with a wider range of accessories, lightweight guide and NVG fixed rope.

3, 6mm helmet thickness -- light and breathable; Restore data, more secure and reliable.

4,10 mmPPE split foam -- unique split test design, three separate foam (front and middle), strengthen the head protection.

5, 14mm springback sponge inner pad, breathable, soft surface cloth, springback sponge + imported red rubber film cotton, enhanced flannelette, slow springback sponge, more in line with human engineering, more effective and safe protection in extreme environments, the user's head safety, wearing experience is more comfortable!

6. A full range Velcro face system with more tactical styling, which can be loaded with any tactical accessories with Velcro face, such as a signal light helmet badge

7. For quick adjustment of the lock, turn the clamping piece up to unlock and adjust the length freely, and then press the clamping piece down to lock.

8. Adjustable helmet suspension, adjustable size, fixed head, locking function, prevent sliding or shaking.

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