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[READY STOCK] Rhino Rescue Emergency Blanket

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Introducing our Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets - an essential piece of any emergency kit, perfect for bug-out bags, go-bags, and home/auto emergency kits. Advanced aluminized Mylar design provides excellent insulation and protection.

These blankets are designed to be compact and portable. Each individually folded, wrapped, and sealed blanket is easy to store and retrieve. Despite their small size when packed, they unfold to a large 1.6m x 2.1m size, providing ample coverage in emergency situations. They are reusable, waterproof, and windproof, providing ground cover, shade, and vital body heat conservation.

Our Mylar Thermal Blankets are ideal for emergencies that require warmth or protection from all-weather conditions. They help prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining or reflecting up to 90% of body heat. These blankets are a lifeline in damp, wet, and cold environments, where they block rain, snow, and moisture.

While perfect for camping trips and sporting events, these Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets have countless uses: from a tent footprint, backpack cover, rain poncho, and emergency signal, to a solar oven, shade cover, and fishing lure. It can even serve as a bird repellent, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover, bivouac sack, and much more.

Product Details:
Dimensions: 1.6m x 2.1m
Colour: Silver

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