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[READY STOCK] Rhino Rescue Medical Splint

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RHINO Splint is a compact, lightweight, and versatile splinting solution designed to provide reliable stabilization for fractured or injured limbs. Crafted from an ultra-thin aluminum alloy core encased within two layers of closed-cell foam, the RHINO Splint combines remarkable strength and support, while remaining easily customizable and cuttable with standard scissors. Whether you're an EMS personnel, a military medic, an athletic trainer, or an outdoor adventurer, the RHINO Splint is a valuable addition to your emergency kit.

Ideal for:
- EMS Personnel
- Military Medics
- Athletic Trainers
- Ski Patrols
- Wilderness Rescue Teams
- Outdoor Adventurers
- Boaters
- Safety Engineers
- Veterinarians

✔ Lightweight and compact design for easy storage in emergency kits and backpacks
✔ Suitable for a wide range of users, from EMS personnel to outdoor adventurers
✔ Effective for splinting almost any bone in the body, including the creation of an emergency cervical collar for neck injuries
✔ Secure fastening with tape or wrap; no extra equipment needed
✔ Resistant to extreme temperatures, altitudes, and even functions underwater
✔ Dermatologically safe and latex-free closed-pore foam surface allows easy cleaning and disinfection with all standard cleaning solutions

Product Details:
Material: Aluminum alloy core and closed-cell foam
Colors: Green
Fold Method: Roll, 2 times, or 4 times
Weight: 160 g
Radiolucent: No need for removal during X-rays
Durability: Waterproof, reusable, and easy to clean

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