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[READY STOCK] Rhino Rescue Soluble Hemostatic Gauze

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This soft, uniformly colored fabric is made primarily of sodium carboxymethyl cellulose. Its light yellow or white knitted fabric is sterile packaged in foil bags, ensuring its three-year shelf life. Soluble Hemostatic Gauze is designed to quickly absorb exudates from the wound surface, forming a viscous gel that effectively stops bleeding, protects the wound, and accelerates healing for trauma and post-operative wounds. When the gauze comes into contact with a bleeding site, it rapidly absorbs water from the exudates, creating a gelatinous mass that fills wound voids, seals capillary ends, and aids in hemostasis. It is also ideal for external, short-term use in controlling bleeding from lacerations, cuts, abrasions, and venipuncture for the general population, including those on anticoagulant medications. However, it is not intended for large-area wound hemostasis or large artery hemorrhage.

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