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EDCX Flaming Lizzard Fire-Starting Tool - Black

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"Flaming Lizzard" set from EDCX, consisting of a survival bracelet with firestarter and a pendant made of Flame Cord that can be used as a tinder. Together they form an extremely handy set that allows you to always have Paracord, compass, firestarter and tinder on you - tools indispensable in a crisis situation.

The bracelet is made of durable Paracord 550. After untangling it, we get as much as 3 meters of rope, which we can use to build a shelter, tools or pack the equipment. The buckle made of plastic is additionally equipped with compass, an alarm whistle and a firestarter.

The "Lizzard" is made of Flame Cord. The texture of its braid is smoother, which makes it easier to untangle the pendant, and inside there is a innovative fuse-core. It is waterproof, and can be easily ignited by sparks from the firestarter.

S = Small 21cm
M = Medium 22.5cm
L = Large 24cm

Bracelet features:
- Made of durable and lightweight Paracord 550
- When untangled, it provides 3 meters of practical cord
- Resistant to water, humidity, UV light
- Non-combustible, melts in fire
- Comfortable plastic buckle
- Built-in compass and alarm whistle
- Built-in firestarter, allowing you to light a fire efficiently
- Available in two sizes

Pendant features:
- Handy pendant for knives or keys
- Made of woven flame cord
- Smooth nylon braiding makes untangling easier
- Waterproof cord core acting as a firelighter
- Allows you to light a fire with sparts

Technical data:
Lizzard pendant :
- Length of pendant with loop: 17 cm
- Length of the cord: 150 cm
- Material: Nylon
- Weight: 6 g
- Color: Black

- Length:
  - M: 21 cm
  - L: 22.5 cm
- Width: 2 cm
- Length after untangling: 3 meters
- Material: Paracord 550, plastic
- Cord strength: 250 kg
- Weight: 32 g
- Color: Black

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