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EDCX Survival Kit

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Survival Kit from EDCX, consisting of a survival bracelet with firestarter, a pendant made of Flame Cord and a Kevlar wood saw. Lightweight, handy and multifunctional - together they form a set that allows you to conveniently carry all the most essential components of your survival equipment, saving space and weight.

The bracelet is made of durable Paracord 550. After untangling it, we get as much as 3 meters of rope, which we can use to build a shelter, tools or pack the equipment. The buckle made of plastic is additionally equipped with a compass, an alarm whistle and a firestarter.

The "Lizzard" is made of Flame Cord. The texture of its braid is smoother, which makes it easier to untangle the pendant, and inside there is an innovative fuse-core. It is waterproof, and can be easily ignited by sparks from the firestarter.

The saw consists of a heavy-duty Kevlar cord, 5 m long, with metal wheels serving as handles at each end. Thanks to its high strength - up to 120 kg - the saw can handle cutting of wood and similar materials. The cable can also be used as a construction material, for stitching or repairing clothing and equipment, first aid.

Bracelet features:
- Made of durable and lightweight Paracord 550
- When untangled, it provides 3 meters of practical cord
- Resistant to water, humidity, UV light
- Non-combustible, melts in fire
- Comfortable plastic buckle
- Built-in compass and alarm whistle
- Built-in firestarter, allowing you to light a fire efficiently
- Available in three sizes

Pendant features:
- Handy pendant for knives or keys
- Made of woven flame cord
- Smooth nylon braiding makes untangling easier
- Waterproof cord core acting as a firelighter
- Allows you to light a fire with sparts

Kevlar saw features:
- Lightweight, made of kevlar
- Woven from 8 fibres, without core
- Strength 120 kg
- UV-resistant, waterproof
- Non-flammable
- Finished with two metal rings that serve as handles
- Lightweight X-shaped wooden spool

Technical data:
Lizzard pendant :
- Length of pendant with loop: 17 cm
- Length of the cord: 150 cm
- Material: Nylon
- Weight: 6 g
- Color: Coyote Brown

- Length:
  - S: 19,5 cm
  - M: 21 cm
  - L: 22.5 cm
- Width: 2 cm
- Length after untangling: 3 meters
- Material: Paracord 550, plastic
- Cord strength: 250 kg
- Weight: 32 g
- Color: Coyote Brown

Kevlar saw
- Cord length: 5 m
- Cord thickness: 1,4 mm
- Cord material: kevlar
- Cord color: yellow
- Handle material: Metal
- Spool material: Wood
- Weight: 12 g

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