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GHOST 2.0 Duty Holster

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The new Ghost 2.0 holster is aimed at the Police and Law Enforcement users who require a level III of security/retention with a more traditional retention system. Special selected materials which guarantee reliability and longevity in everyday use are the result of decades of experience in holster manufacturing and development. The holster is fully compatible with all Ghost modules for military and LE use.

Safety retention systems:
the locking system guarantees a swift, secure and instinctive draw of the gun. The locked strap over the holsters keeps the weapon securely in place during movements but can be unlocked with a simple and natural movement. For added security the strap has, besides the auto lock when closed, also a manual locking lever which completely prevents an involuntary opening.

Draw out:
before drawing the gun press the strap inward and forward. This movement will move the strap forward, unlocking the gun. This natural movement provides secure and correct grip of the gun.

Ghost 2.0 holster is 100% compatible with all Military and LE modules, users who already use the G3 or G4 holster can use all modules for the new holster.

PLEASE NOTE: MODULE NOT INCLUDED, you will need to purchase a module attachment to fit to your belt, vest or thigh.

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