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HotPacks UK Flameless Heater

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Canland's unique and exclusive Hot Pack flameless heater is also available in box of 20 units.
sold per unit (not box of 20pc) 

Odourless when activated with a small amount of water, this flameless heater is manufactured to a high quality specification.

Total weight is less than 40g.

The outer bag is made with three ply high density polyethelene (HDPE) to give important strength and prevent moisture absorption.

Non corrosive chemical ingredients are used.

Designed to heat 300-320g vacuum sealed pouched or dish meals or soups.


How The Pack Works

The Non-Magnesium Flameless Ration Heater® (NMFRH) Exclusively available from Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd.

The Non-Magnesium Flameless Ration Heater TM (FRH) is targeted for use in military operational ration packs and Hot Pack/Action Pack self-heating meals.

Canland UK (Hot Pack) Ltd developed a more acceptable type of FRH to meet the demands of military, emergency services and civilian customers.

Compared with older magnesium types of FRHs the Hot Pack Flameless Heater predominantly contains a mixture of Aluminium and Calcium Carbonate. An important advantage of this is that there is no unpleasant metallic smell after being activated with a small amount of water.

Flameless Ration Heaters, using magnesium, emerged in the early 1990s to heat soldiers MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) in operational and training situations. ‘MRE’ is the name given to a sealed, ready to eat meal, packed into an aluminium retort pouch. The advantages of these pouched meals are that they have a long shelf life (three or more years ‘Best Before’ date from production). They are compact, easy to pack into military ration packs, your jacket or backpacks and take up less storage space than tins. The food pouches can be kept in a cool, dry place until required, with no refrigeration needed. Hot Pack Meals are not dehydrated, but are tasty, wholesome, and ready cooked, which are sterile until opened. Recipes can be produced to meet the customers taste, ingredient and nutritional requirements.

Non-Magnesium Flameless Ration Heaters TM are activated with a small amount of water, a sachet of which is included inside Hot Pack® and Action Pack® Self Heating Meals. An exothermic reaction then takes place, with heat and steam rapidly released. Inside 10-12 minutes a piping hot, delicious tasting meal is ready to be eaten straight out of the pouch, or in the case of Hot Pack®, poured into the dish provided. Cutlery, serviette, salt and pepper are all included for the convenience of the user. ‘Ambient type’ ready to eat meals, packed in a plastic or aluminium dish, can also be heated with this type of FRH. Instructions on the heater bag can be printed in any language if supplied with the translation, based on the volume requirement.

Hot Pack® and Action Pack® have been available since 1995 and in addition to military customers, users include; police, fire, ambulance and search and rescue services in the UK, Europe and Canada. Corporations, aid agencies, government departments, councils and TV journalists overseas use Hot Pack®. Sailors, walkers, bikers, cyclists, motor and motorcycle sports fans, plus a wide range of others who like the convenience of having a delicious, hot meal, anywhere and at anytime.

Some corporations have decided to stock Hot Pack on their premises in case of an incident, where staff could be confined to their offices. Places and times to use Hot Pack® or Action Pack ® Self Heating Meals are limitless. Uses range from; leisure activities, road or train journey’s, to emergency conditions where people need a hot, good tasting meal to help motivate them and provide some nutritious support.

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