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KNIXS Tactical Lightstick ChemLight

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The KNIXS Power Tactical Light is more efficient and has a longer lifespan than identical glow sticks from other brands. It was manufactured according to military standards and tested by the European ATEX directive which is why the Power Tactical Light is also used by authorities such as the police and fire departments. Its light duration is 4 hours longer than the industrial versions providing 12 hours of light. In addition, the Knixs glow stick is much brighter and can be stored for at least 4 years.

Product Details

  • Flash point : > 120 ° C
  • Burn point : > 400 ° C
  • Water resistance: up to 20 ATM
  • 8-12hrs of useful light


  • Including premium special hook and neck strap that has been tested for security
  • No heat generation or sparks when used
  • Extremely robust and colorless outer shell


  • Length: approx. 150 mm
  • Diameter: approx. 15 mm

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