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SAR Rocker Back up Device

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The SAR Rocker puts a new system of safety into the hands of professional and technical rope access, rescue and intervention personnel around the world. It was designed to run up the rope free and down the rope free or manually assisted. It was also designed so that if an accidental load came onto it, it would slide along the rope and stop and then could be off loaded without a need to lift it up the rope to release the grip as has to be done with standard cam tooth ascenders and rope locks.


Rope access back up device

For use as a safety back-up as in EN353-2 or EN12841-A:06 in Industrial Rope Access or Rescue. It is best used with a short 10cm Twin Eye Superweb Sling and two GATOR karabiners. The set up comes as a kit for use with the SAR ROCKER and SAR Products Ltd. highly recommend it to be connected to the Chest/Sternal connection point on the harness as this puts the user in an upright position if anything should happen.

Although the test called for it to be tested with a 1M lanyard it is not recommended in normal use due to the distance of fall that could occur. It is also not recommended to be used with a long cow’s tail from the waist connection. If a fall should in this method it could flip the user. It is also important for users to understand that in actual use it may react differently to the specified test methods and therefore for additional safety it is recommended that the connecting lanyard length is kept to a minimum and the parking cam is used when the rope is stiff, icy or under tension.

The ROCKER was confirmed in the UK HSE industrial rope access investigation into items of personal protective equipment, as the best performer and to have the highest degree of consistency.

The ROCKER complies to EN353-2:02 EN358:00 and EN12841-A:06.
It complies to EN795 as a shock absorbing anchor within a Horizontal safety line system but has not been put through the test to measure the angle formed and the distance of drop over a 5M length. All tests were carried out with low stretch ropes of 10.5mm to 12.7mm dia. from one manufacturer. Physical conditions (i.e. wet, ice, dry) and ropes of different plaits will give differing results.


The SAR ROCKER has been tested for Rescue using a 200kg weight, 11mm 32plait low stretch rope and a 1M sling in a fall factor two scenario. Maximum impact recorded, 5.7kN, slip distance on rope 1.10M, rope glazed, no damage to rope or Rocker. Recommended for use as a rescue back-up for two people.

SAR Products Ltd. strongly recommends that users be trained in the many applications of the ROCKER and learn about its practical and physical strengths and limitations.








•Average static load with above rope 3.5kN
•Max dynamic impact with above rope 5.9kN
•Static strength as in the test 15kN for 3mins
•Max dynamic impact with above rope and 200kg 5.7kN
•Weight 169grms
•Material high strength alloy with hard anodising on cams
•Colours GOLD or BLACK
•Safety fall arrester
•Work positioning locking device.
•Horizontal safety line absorbing anchor
•Rope Access & Rescue safety back-up
•Pulley brake
•Belay brake

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