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SPECIAL PIE M1A2-F Firearm Shot Timer

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Shot timer is a device that responds to sound of gun shots, records the time that it occurs. They can give a start signal, usually a beep of some sort. M1A2 shot timer is suitable for military, police shooting training, IPSC, IDPA, 3GUNS and hunting sports. M1A2-F is designed to improve your shooting skills. Whether you are law or military enforcement, competitive shooter or a hobby shooter .It is now widely used in military and police shooting training, professional shooting sports competitions in various regions and countries. 

Package includes:

  • Shot timer*1
  • USB charging cable*1
  • User Manual*1

Three in One function, It is not only a firearm shot timer and a stopwatch, and can also be used for countdown.

  • Firearm Shot Timer
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown - It is often used in walkthrough of stages before competition and the limited time event of shooting competition. The longest countdown is 600 seconds.


  • Silicon buttons with working status indicator light.
    - The indicator light will guide user the next operation, visually see the working status of the device. Easier for shooters to operate.
  • Automatic backlight screen.
    - After hearing the gunshot, the screen will be light automatically. So the data showing on screen are clear to read, suitable for outdoor use under strong light conditions.
  • Automatic echo filtering.
    - Under closed indoor environment, interference filtering within a limited time is automatically eliminated to ensure accurate timing.
  • Quick access key.
    - Under non-timed state, press the unlock button for 2 seconds to quickly enter the sound and sensitivity adjustment page
    - Under non-timed state, press the volume button for 2 seconds to quickly enter the interface for checking group scores.
    - Under non-timed state, press the "+" button for 2 seconds to quickly start/stop "PAR" mode.
    - Under non-timed state, press "-" button for 2 seconds to quickly begin countdown function.
  • Automatic shutdown.
    - Under power saving mode, you can customize the automatic shutdown time. When the device has been in non-operating state for your customized time, it will automatically shut down to save power.
  • IP4 Waterproof
    - It can work in rainy days for outdoor shooting events.

Bluetooth Wireless version : M1A2-FW

Bluetooth basic version : M1A2-F

  • The Bluetooth timer can be connected with the PractiScore APP, which can assist RO to record the scores in shooting competitions.
  • In daily shooting training, it can help shooters to record the shooting results, analyze the shooting


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